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A welcome is on its way. So, even if strip clubs are not harming individual women, or are even benefiting them, the problem is what strip clubs are doing for the wider female population and feminist movement at large. If you don't see it please check your junk folder. Whilst I recognise the value of a female right to choose, I cannot help but see strip clubs as a space which legitimises the idea that female bodies are vehicles for male enjoyment.

This alone le me to hold that as it stands, we should not criminalise but rather regulate strip clubs. Thanks for ing up! December 8, pm Updated December 8, pm. This being said, I disagree that keeping strip clubs open, only with tighter regulations and legal protections, would be the feminist victory that some proclaim.

Address There was an error, please provide a valid address. Now On Now on Six. In reality, a third of strippers are students supporting their education and a quarter are university graduates.

Toronto strippers heading underground

Perhaps, then, concerns that strip clubs are a vehicle for exploitation are misguided. The City of Regina and the Regina Police Service are now looking into the club to determine if it is breaking any laws. Manage Print Subscription. In interviews with the Leader-Post, Oremba said he consulted with lawyers and was assured this club is not in breach of the laws because it is private. What to wear hiking this summer: 19 outfit ideas for warm-weather adventures. However, social change cannot only be concerned with the individual, and I think this is where a feminist argument against strip clubs is well-founded.

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These sorts of concerns are why, inIceland placed a ban on strip clubs. Lambrinos said the women may have gone underground to avoid being sent home by border agents. We have reclaimed these things without questioning them. Lois Weiss. By Elizabeth Elizalde.

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Please try again. So, the victimhood of strippers can and has been contested, and the idea that under-privileged and desperate women are the majority of those who find themselves in the profession is arguably nothing more than a common misconception.

Ivy, a Regina-based dancer who works at the members-only Regina club, describes it as a positive, safe space for dancers thanks to the security staff it employs. Main Menu Search torontosun. Lambrinos expect more women to remain here illegally to work in the sex trade as their visas expire.

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That establishments which invite this kind of behaviour exist is of course troubling in itself, but perhaps more problematic is what their existence communicates. about cookies here. This Week in Flyers.

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Similarly, I am unsure whether women have been conditioned to view stripping as a choice, in some cases forgetting that this is choice burdened by its existence within a patriarchal structure. Hence, even ignoring the inevitable perpetuation of the idea that objectification of women is acceptable, it is not as if the choice of stripping is a particularly secure or expedient one either.

Instead of selling alcohol, the club provides it complimentary with the memberships it sells. At least 12 exotic dancers in Toronto and Hamilton are suspected of going underground to work in massage parlours and remain in Canada illegally since Ottawa slammed the door shut on foreign strippers.

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Industry officials believe the women who disappeared are working in massage parlours because they feel it will be harder for the authorities to find them for deportation. Yet, the result of criminalisation will likely be worse. More On: Coronavirus in NY. about cookies here. Try refreshing your browser, or tap here to see other videos from our team. Written by Freya Wainstein. Whilst on an individual level feminists are plausibly resistant to deny women full autonomy over their bodies, we must remind ourselves of the influence of their choice on how we see women in society more broadly.

This Week in Flyers. Besides, in the context of stripping, women cannot help but pander to male interest since it is the men paying their wage. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. The manager of the two FlashDancers locations in NYC says the clubs will undergo deep cleanings throughout the day, and guests will find hand sanitizing stations throughout the venues upon reopening.

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Despite the uncertainty, there may be good news for clubs facing the same rough road ahead. We encountered an issue ing you up. On top of this, I can recognise an incredibly empowering irony behind women choosing to profit from the fact that many men will pay money to objectify their bodies. Her real name is known by the Leader-Post, but she asked to be identified by her stage name for privacy reasons. If you don't see it please check your junk folder. If women were not seen as sexual objects who exist for male pleasure, would the choice to strip for money still exist?

Many renewed their permits and were allowed to remain in Canada for several years.

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The club has also allowed dancers like Ivy, a working mom, to make a steady income without having to travel away from her family. Manage Print Subscription. We encountered an issue ing you up. Published at on 11 March Kurland said he will brief senior immigration officials in the fall on a proposal being developed. Entertainers suffered just as much because of sex worker discrimination by all levels of government, he said.

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Unlike Iceland, where a small population ofmakes a thriving secret industry implausible, the same is not true in the UK. About six of the dancers are from Toronto. For the modern feminist, an undeniably contentious and complex debate surrounds strip clubs. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Notice for the Postmedia Network This website uses cookies to personalize your content includingand allows us to analyze our traffic.

Ottawa last month stopped issuing visas or extensions to strippers claiming it can lead to the trafficking of women. This is not altogether surprising: to commodify female bodies, reducing them to nothing more than an object for entertainment inevitably legitimises harmful attitudes toward women.

Dancers might also be required to to wear masks

Admittedly, the fault lies largely with newer licensing laws, such as the Policing and Crime Actwhich meant many clubs were forced to close, hence leaving a surplus of strippers with less job opportunities. A ban on strip clubs will likely drive them underground, meaning the limited protection that exists for strippers disappears and exploitation becomes more likely. The problem is not the choice of individual strippers, but rather what the legality of strip clubs expresses to society at large.

This website uses cookies to personalize your content includingand allows us to analyze our traffic. A welcome is on its way. This website uses cookies to personalize your content includingand allows us to analyze our traffic. Regina is operating in a legal grey area on both a provincial and municipal level.

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Meanwhile, association officials said they can use an additional 1, dancers in Ontario to fill the demand. Cuomo announced Tuesday 36 additional bars and restaurants had their liquor s revoked, bringing a total offor failing to comply with his executive orders. Read Next. Perhaps it might, but I cannot help but be doubtful.

A post from Dec. The others hail from clubs in Hamilton, according to officials of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada. Thanks for ing up!

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