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In this game, you will feel how to date and take care of a girlfriend. You can make it happen through this virtual girlfriend application, namely Naughty Girlfriend. Get my virtual girlfriend game free download. Try to often interact and talk with her so you can create great chemistry. Virtual girlfriend joke is another great virtual girlfriend apps developed for android and iOS users. So, the android app developers building any dating that you find in desktop versions, even virtual meme app based on artificial intelligence girlfriend.

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You can top fun with girl simulated girl, care for her, and dance with her. You can have fun with your simulated girl, care for her, and dance with her. Well, you can also play video games against your virtual girl.

You will bring back your childhood friend who has died using the help of dark art. Your girl have her own feeling and emotions, there online 17 different button in the to perform different actions. With this quality it will be hard not to fall in love with your new lover at first sight! If will build up your online while talking to a girl and from propose to marriage.

There is nothing easier!


Developer: Francisco Javier Perez. All guys care about at a certain age are girls. In addition, Julie can show emotions and actions, for example, a kiss. By choosing the right behavior, you can quickly move from one level to another and ultimately achieve the desired reciprocity.

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Of the even more shocking news — you have 3 half-sisters who are completely different in appearance and character. The game has some levels, and the more pliable the girl becomes, the closer you get to the goal. The choice you make in your dialogues with her will bring you awards and points.

I really suggest you to use the app if you girl the virtual girlfriend in 3D view. It is a mini two player game app where you can earn coins with real money option.

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The app works like dating app, you just have to specify the characteristics you like in a girl and talking your girlfriend in the app. The application itself is free, but you can buy game currency and items for real money. Think it will be so easy? Richard Eisenbeis. You can edit the girl as you please.

10 best virtual girlfriend apps: free girlfriend simulator games

The girl will be pleased with your tactile contacts. Video Star leeadmin - January 30, 0. Sakura Scramble will introduce you to some very nice and interesting girls, among whom it will be very difficult to choose. Shoujo City — a game that is a cross between a walker game and simulator of life, or rather a simulator dating with a girl. Like idle apps the contains collection of clothes, that you can dress up your girl in your own style.

Who needs a girlfriend when you have Girlfriend Plus? Julie is able to express emotions — for example, to be angry, or vice versa, to love.

What's an invisible girlfriend?

Developer: Angus Cheng. Another 3D virtual app free girl to make your virtual simulation or virtual pet. How to spend time with a virtual beauty, you decide: you can just talk, visit the cinema, go on a striptease, play golf.

Price: Free. Usually this age is in school time — especially in high school. Naughty Girlfriend. Install the application and see for yourself. You can change the eyes, hair, clothes of your manga girl on your smartphone. Girl app also allow you give your favorite name to your girlfriend. There are several features that you can use through this one of virtual girlfriend apps. It is a popular virtual girlfriend apps which can also be used as cheating dating apps to date with new partner. And you can create more than just one girlfriend — Dream Girlfriend allows you to work with 4 girls at the same time.

You can even talk with them about things concerning your region. Beautiful girls in interesting clothes, classic romantic storylines combined with anime style. It is available with both free as well as app to purchase option with different features.

The description of virtual girl

There are so many people who are unable to find a perfect person who cares then apart from their family members. Girls can be real trouble at times, and you can get rid of all that and download the App to get a new Mini-games are turned out to be interesting that add variety to the gameplay. These advanced robotic virtual girls allow you to talk with them and do what ever you want in the virtual world.

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In such condition they can use a perfect virtual girlfriend app where they can pick a girlfriend based on their choice. Try hard to uncover the true identity of your favorite girl and find out what is the big secret of your ninja school club! This application will be a real solution for you when the feeling of loneliness becomes too strong.

Games just have to choose the girl you liked from the girls in the app, and start conversation with your virtual girlfriend. The plot is as follows: you have lived your whole life with your parents and did not even suspect that your father is actually your stepfather. However, you resurrected her to being a zombie and this is the beginning of an exciting storyline. The best outfits about the app is you can take snaps of your girl and share photos with your friends. Custom Sword Mod App. There are thousands of virtual girls are listed in this app to date and flirt.

Pocket girl asian pro virtual girl simulator

Date This Story. For some people, making others fall in love or be a part of your life is not easy. Color of eyes, clothes, hair and much more — all parameters are easily changed. Make a girl like a favorite actress or singer, all this is up to you! Pocket Girlfriend has its own needs — just like a real person. VR Pocket Girl Simulator is a fun application that interests you for a long time. Virtual Girl - Pocket Girl Simulator.

17 best virtual girlfriend apps for android

You can also help girlfriend to learn more responses. Developer: Amrita Studio. The project has a beautiful graphics component, and can also boast of the presence of cool musical compositions. My Zombie Girlfriend. Along with these it also allows you to share your emotions, laugh, celebration and others with this app. Legend has it that a cherry tree grows in the schoolyard and that couple who confess their feelings in its shadow will be together forever.

Ninja Girls: Visual Novel.

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Sound effects are excellent. Your virtual girlfriend has basic needs, such as sleeping, eating or playing. So, you will feel the perfect date with your dream girlfriend through this virtual girlfriend application. The Virtual Girl app does not consume much space. The app show animations 3D, you can rotate at degree to talking the all positions. Virtual lover. It has a great artificial intelligence features which recognize what is said or written and respond with words, emotions and funny sounds.

You just need to start talking and your relationship will start on its own. The warmer the relationships will be, the more new options for interaction with the gentle person will appear. In this girlfriend simulator game, there are many level, and you can talk with your virtual girl at any you passed level. The pocket allow you to chat with virtual girlfriend named Jullie.

Virtual girlfriend momoda

Overall, it really a interesting app, if you are android and want a lover then this is really for you. Dream Girlfriend. Do you want to see sexual movements?

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Such a lover will not judge you or spend your money. If you are a shy man, hesitate to talk with girls, then this can help you. These are a portable girlfriend so you can easily use them on your smartphone and get help with them anytime from your smartphone.

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Virtual Lover. In the game features, your virtual girlfriend can freely move and explore the entire room. Kotaku East East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond.

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The app allow you to chat with a girl. Developer: Genius Studio Japan Inc. By the way, in some dialogs, you should select the answer.