8. January 2012

Wulff slaughtering II : Did he want too much democracy?

Already in the first article on the subject I touched on a speech by Federal President Christian Wulff, Now I have one for you, which the Basic Law, adopted in. Perhaps we should "quality media" deal with the good times, what was on the lips of Mr. Wulff and not just a lousy slogan on an AB?
Wie so oft, There are also two sides of same coin. Christian Wulff is for me not necessarily to the sympathetic, However, I must give him at least some plus points for his struggle for the Basic Law.

While obviously excite currently half of all German editors of some blunders by Mr. Wulff, forget those times to take a closer look, why he is probably nailed to the cross. Of course, the attack on journalistic freedom is a through ball, However, I can understand him in the situation a little. So I will not issue a free pass, But his speeches should be taken up and discussed. Let's look at the alternatives, I get it so true to do with the fear.

Here are some excerpts from a speech by BP to 60. Anniversary of the Federal Constitutional Court on 28. September 2011 :

Even today, one should in the capital Berlin much more widespread in the countries, the regions and the diversity of our country to ensure.
The Federal Constitutional Court - not surprisingly - prevailed: In a font status, the court 1952 clear, that it is "guardian of the Constitution" and that placing it among the constitutional organs counting.
The challenges, which the court will make in the future, are no less than the above examples from the past. This applies not only in terms of our integration into the European Union.
I am concerned about one - perhaps unavoidable in extreme cases - and the trend of politics, the requirements of our Constitution and the European treaties must be interpreted very widely, deemed necessary to make quick decisions accordingly can be.
The Federal Constitutional Court has, in contrast illustrated by its "materiality jurisdiction", that the rule of law is particularly characterized by involvement of parliament. The central act of Parliament is the law of the form.
The policy tends at times to today, these procedural rules prescribed by the Basic Law, under the maxim of urgency or even alternatives to qualify as an unnecessary burden. The classic triad of political decision, technical processing of political ideas into a bill and finally
parliamentary referral must not be neglected, if the quality of decision making should not suffer.
Already at the first level of decision-making, deprived the policy of their own skills, when important debates are increasingly outsourced to external commissions.
Given this, we must ask ourselves: Does not suffer from the basic fundamental condition of our constitutional system - the law-abiding citizens -, if legal bonds are pushed aside, be ignored by economic elites contracts or suspended by the existing policy rulesor deadlines, the Federal Constitutional Court is, are not observed?
These trends - I believe - are questionable, because they do not meet the constitutional expectation: The Basic Law requires us in decision making, affect the lives of citizens, Transparency, for the care and thought. Democratic
Method are stressful, they need space for discussion and controversy.
Although long parliamentary processes may often be inconvenient for a government, But this time is necessary for conviction and consensus.
This is especially true, make decisions when the course for our future.
Presented as another major challenge for our Constitution and the constitutional jurisdiction, theIntegration of Germany into the European Union is.
They are confessions of parliamentary democracy. In the judgments, the judges made clear, that the participation rights of the Bundestag are at the heart of Democracy, and especially important - at least without a basic
Constitutional revision - can not be abandoned.

Conclusion: Especially in the last (cited) Christian Wulff paragraph has made clear, what Andreas Voßkuhle already in September 2011 said:"More Europe leaves little to the Basic Law".Parliamentary sovereignty is explicitly highlighted and led to the ardent desire of Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Schäuble transferred to the budgetary sovereignty to Brussels via ESM ad absurdum. It is anticipated with absolute certainty, that the two have raged, After this speech,, Christian Wulff makes you beautiful but broken the €-Sandburg.

No matter what happens next with Christian Wulff, This discussion needs to be done and MUST taken by the media, if Germany would continue to remain a constitutional democracy.

Here are just three of the worst post-Wulff scenarios:

Wolfgang SchäubleCDU is the veteran and has many years experience in party- and ministerial posts. A doctorate in law from Freiburg in October 70 Years old. Since 2009 He is Minister of Finance.

The Lower SaxonUrsula von der Leyenconsidered to be ambitious and determined. It shuns the 53-year-old doctor does not conflict with the Union Cabinet colleagues and, as their positions on women's care benefit rate and show. In spring 2010 They even flirted with the role as a possible candidate.

Minister of DefenceThomas de MaiziereMerkel is considered secret reserve, and therefore actually considered indispensable in the Federal Government. The 57-year-old jurist doctorate from Bonn to years of experience can in the country- and look back in the Federal Government for the CDU.[2]

Carpe diemand thanks to Michael for pointing out the speech

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  2. Sambi says:

    Ach herrje,

    lasst euch doch nicht von seinen Reden beeindrucken. Worte sind für’s dumme Volk, doch die Taten zählen.
    Dieser Mann tut doch genau das, was er da ankreidet oder als Gefahr der Demokratie sieht: Er lässt sich von seinen reichen Freunden sponsern oder fördern und tut dann ganz genau das, was diese wollen.

    Nur ein Beispiel: Wullf hat in Niedersachsen die Agrarlobby unterstützt und sich zum Beispiel für dieausgestalteten Käfigeausgesprochen. Im Klartext: Die Tierquälerei sollte weitergehen, damit Niedersachsens Eierbarone weiterhin ihre Millionen scheffeln konnten und nicht etwaGott bewahreEinkommenseinbußen hinnehmen mussten.

    Mit Herrn Großmann, RWE-Chef, ist Herr Wulff ebenfalls sehr gut befreundet und daher hat er auch die Laufzeitverlängerung der Atomkraftwerke betrieben.
    Für Recherchefreunde: Wulff hielt die Laudatio für seinen Freund Großmann am 5. June 2007, als dieser den Vernon A. Walters Award der ATLANTIK-BRÜCKE in New Yord erhielt.
    At the 1. October 2007 wurde Großmann dann Vorstandsvorsitzender der REW AG.
    Na sowas.
    At the 4. October 2007 hat Jürgen Großmann dann die Christian-Wulff-BiografieBesser die Wahrheitbei einer Buchpräsentation in der Norddeutschen Landesbank in Hannover vorgestellt usw, usf. man könnte noch seitenweise über diese Freundschaft reden (Those: blog.greenpeace.de).

    Also: GENAU hinschauen und alles genau prüfen!

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