7. January 2012

The dismantling of Christian Wulff has a reason!

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The media always report new allegations against Wulff and his family.

  • According to Spiegel Online to the credit of the family have been Geerkens not registered in the land and also lacks a notarial contract.
  • Wulff does not want that image newspaper published his mailbox message.
  • Mrs. Wulff provided free of charge carries clothing and accessories from famous designers and fashion houses.


Questioned regarding the allegations in the mirror,, trainee who has researched there? For in a land register is generally only one entry due when a mortgage is recorded on the house, but not in a normally granted credit, like Mrs Geerkens. The lack of notarial contract is as much a nonsense, because with a private lending attracts you to absolutely no notary, because nothing, but also has nothing to do so. The Christian Wulff, the mailbox is not news of the Bild newspaper claims to have published, I personally think is weak and a failure. He certainly wants to bring about the End of the Affair, but he shall hardly succeed, long as it is the media not to content but you want his hat, and as long as there are open questions will be utilized to spread these stories. That it also comes off with Mrs. Wulff is not good and the President is to be passed and his wife now as scroungers and Amigo him to chalk. Not that his wife wears such clothes, It may not matter to us all to be who she cleans out, no, but that it is undermined, despite years of experience, these "errors" in the policy remarkably. He should know, which one would rather not be attacked, and that makes people hate Günstlingspolitik, whether out of envy or resentment, we can sometimes undecided. The fact is, Such donations are the clumsy and he should know. Interestingly, however, as the clothing of his wife is the question of why such stories are just dug up in the moment where the President has already struck. For weeks we have pursued this issue and the question of why the tabloids, actually yes, the press organ of the government simply, has zeroed in on Wulff. What do the media against the Federal President? I have personally experienced it anyway rather colorless and also an Amigo and the allegation to be a bum is no reason for a witch hunt as we experience it in last time. The opposite is the case, Such people are generally more so steer well. So why is this press campaign? Since there are now two ways for me why should pave the way Wulff.

  1. Wulff has "heard of Islam to Germany" with his statement struck a nerve is particularly among the conservatives in the country is a thorn in the side. Now just push the left and the more moderate forces in the country, the disempowerment of Wulff ahead would be a mockery of history.
  2. For this version I am using the following source:  http://www.godmode-trader.de/nachricht/Das-Bauernopfer,a2729785.html

Ein Youtube Video:

Wulff at the beginning of his term, uncharacteristic for him actually put very clearly dealt with the financial crisis. I quote:

"First, banks have rescued other banks, States then have rescued banks, then rescues a community individual states. Who rescues the rescuers but at the end? When are accumulated deficits to whom distributed or worn by whom?“

Next Wulff warned in FAZ:

"Politics is changing with uncovered on the future come to an end. What was supposedly always good - to make new debts – is just not good forever ".

"I understand, understand that many do not want, that bank managers earn some exorbitant, But at the same time that banks are supported by billions. And free riders in the financial world continues to speculate, by the policy and ultimately absorbed by the taxpayers to - because they are too large, for example, and relevant to the whole economic cycle ".

This view on the financial policy of the present is probably a system ultimately critical thinking to the Wulff, especially since beneficiaries, has never expect to be confronted and may not be, because it is the truth. Presumably, the disempowerment of Wulff and not result in either of two ways but both returned to him and of course even. His crisis management and its maneuvering, instead of a few words of power, invite journalists to Nachtreten just one so I am afraid that is not the last article which I dedicate to the cause.

(Those: charakteristik.wordpress.com)

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