8. January 2012

TAZ criticized picture: Diekmann presumption


On Friday, thePicture-Head for the first time in the affair of the President himself wrote a comment. Christian Wulff, who inflate in the event of a power struggle between him and picture, truly goes completely astray, Kai Diekmann wrote. Media were asking questions and uncover errors. “But do not decide.”

With this sentence does something very rare Diekmann. He makes himself very aware of small, as he is. And of course the picture decides Äffare Wulff, Of course, the most powerful German media is doing politics.

A powerful accusation is in the room: Wulff – at least nominally the highest state authority – wants to have with his ridiculous voice mail only action asked for a postponement. The Bild newspaper claims, He wanted to stop the reports, So exercise censorship.

Now you can say much about image, but certainly not one: That she had special scruples in publication, the intimate sphere of human concern. Ethical considerations are negligible in the picture-logic, also legal concerns. Picture shrinks, because they accepted Wulff's privacy, or yelp because the Press Council could? Oh what. No, if the image-chief and his editorial staff really fast, transparent explanation would be interested, they would simply print the text.

Diekmann, it does not consciously. Because he is interested in a show of force, because he staged the affair with the president at the moment by his rules, because he was the stimulus, policy to make themselves, not withstand.

How professional and sent it proceeds, was observed on Thursday: Picture asks the President seemingly humble, give the text of his call is known to be able to, to which he no longer even remembers. And apparently accepted his generous refusal.

Wulff is – of course, quite rightly – Enlightenment is a preventer. And image as a serious leaf, break the taboo that shuns. What perfidy – Picture arises again about the humble president anyway.

This is only completely a farce, if you know, image that people go for days with Wulff sets peddle in other media. Colleagues would be happy to read from the transcript in front of the phone, exclusively “under 3″ understood. This formula is in journalistic parlance for, that launched the information should not be used in reports. The image-Chief, the leads in his house a strict regimen, of course aware of this piercing, yes it does even itself.

Who threatens a mailbox…

Meanwhile, the President is accused of, He is pursuing a piecemeal approach. Why nobody asks, why image informs piecemeal? Diekmann calculus is on hand: Someone will publish Wulff sets already. “Picture” would then – almost neutral – in addition, other media have drawn on their own side, and still the final authority over the scandal. For the picture-people stick only passages through.

They stir up a highly productive uncertainty for them in politics and media: What may come as yet? For Diekmann is the most powerful position at all. He knits the myth, lives of the sheet: The last bullet is in the drawer of “Bild”. Something which even the latest twist anything: “Pictured” the President has to send a copy. So now he knows, which he can be blackmailed.

The taz is Wulff's embassy in parts before. Whether the President has lied or not, can not read out from the few sentences. But what remains as startling realization, is confused helplessness, with the head of state because of a threatening voice mail.

This intercept must have been a feast for the power-conscious image-Chief. And he does everything, to maintain the gap. Against the professionalism, with which the blade is straight through its spin history, acts of the Federal President as a driven dilettante. May decide the, to re-record the motive of Diekmann comment, has the power.

This creates the wrong impression: Sympathy with Christian Wulff is misplaced. It has images and other media, where every possible template, hard to justify requests and inquiries. Picture editors have initiated the revelations about Wulff's past life with her research, The paper has elucidated much of the affair. And it was told: Not only staged photo. Other media, included the taz, plan coverage dramatically, to achieve the greatest possible effect, or play about gang, when it serves their interests.

But what Diekmann with the Bild newspaper just makes, is a border violation. The newspapers are largely on their monitoring role and pursues only the aim: Wulff will be hunted down.

This is based on the presumption, a medium could and should decide on the weal and woe of a politician. Image enthroned and dismisses – Parties or citizens are just balls. Also, this violation of journalistic ethics is not a unique feature of the tabloid.

Those who have followed the hype about Peer Steinbrueck, soon had the impression, the man was already SPD candidate for chancellor. That he lacked the democratic legitimacy and the consent of the party, for all too many journalists have no role.

Picture, after all, has verhoben with this attitude in the past year ever. They gave Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg openly backing and failed, keep a battered minister in office in defiance of all reason to want to. Now they repeated the experiment, with the opposite goal – the output is open. Diekmann has fallen in recent days in the sight of two men fight to the supreme head of state. The citizens stand as onlookers in addition. Their marginalization should worry.

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Note: A really very real and objectively written article, dem wir uns vollinhaltlich anschliessen. 

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