5. January 2012

Fantasies on the Internet about his wife - what does that Wulff?

Server breakdown by now already over 1 Million views

Even in recent days, there was frequently a server breakdown due to overload, and thereby causes a failure of this page temporarily post. Also today was the day almost nothing, the site was overloaded permanently totally. Meanwhile, in the last few days have seen more than a million visitors to our site! A possible reaction of Wulff's interview?

For the failures, we apologize. We have now increased our server capacity and hope, that this site is more accessible in the future now. Meanwhile, we also see, that several large media, inspiration in the very text from our site can be (z.B. 02.01.2012 Tagesschau 15 Clock, Harald Schmidt ..), what we take as a compliment.

The first major media are now asking, to which “Fantasies on the Internet about his wife”, it concerns about the President in his speech was received. Which rumors are actually meant as? What is it about the “Fantasies on the Internet?”

Questions for reflection:

1) If the FRAME editing really hard evidence and information has to be taken seriously on the alleged past the First Lady, why is there this after more than three weeks since the disgusting blackmail (BZ / IMAGE), no evidence photos?

2) When will the big media finally investigate, what about these rumors turn? (z.B. Surveys by Artemis & Chateau operators, Photo interpretation).

Wulff has taken this position and thus, indirectly even now more than ever the public's interest in this “Fantasies on the Internet” aroused , are but according to ARD-61 snap poll % not convinced of Wulff's TV Appearance, However, the majority wants Christian Wulff, According to a snap poll ARD, give a second chance.

Under the motto probable: “The main thing a good headline”, published today “Express.de” an article with the promising title:

“Fantasies” on the Internet about his wife - what he means?

Curiously,, But what this article is not a single word into the question, Google suggests it already with only the input of Bettina , the search “Bettina Wulff prostitute” before. Subject missed!

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