14. January 2012

Christian Wulff: Why does the President really has been released for shooting

It is strange. Now all are united again: Christian Wulff has become unsustainable as Federal President. More and more politicians express themselves clearly, some are now calling for the resignation of the »Joke«. And the media? They foam! After becoming aware of several attempts Wulff, To prevent publications about his private life, stands in terms of press freedom is no stone left upon another. Justifiably. This is not a question. Politicians and presidents have no place in the decision-storey large newspaper- and TV producers. But what really lies behind the action lasted for weeks against Angela Merkel's crown prince at Bellevue Palace, its»Hannover Connections«and private affairs in both the popular press as well as some political colleagues when he took office were probably already known but largely?

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