6. January 2012

What was the reason for the call of Christian Wulff at Kai Diekmann?

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It is only really a deeper meaning, that Wulff called on chief editor Kai Diekmann, if he was afraid of a story concerning his wife. Alternative would be the loss of credit for Wulff similarly bad, some one losing his home or his wife would leave him, if he had to offer financially or less modest he would live. Such fears are not abnormally. Runs as a top-politicians a beautiful woman away, this is a disaster. Because that did not exist in the Federal Republic: Distinctions, there were, younger, there were, But a horned leaders is yet unknown in the annals of the Republic of classical. Perhaps the experts know the stories summon. Was an abandoned Prime Minister or President, it is not yet. Angela Merkel would actually discussed this risk and danger. Why is or was the marriage of Christian and Bettina Wulff as safe as? Or have you factored this as incalculable factor?

Wulff wanted the media to spread the opinion by Springer, It could be about, about an undignified sex story? Wulff must have promised them an advantage. Apart from Wulff was definitely afraid of a "break"! That's for sure. Besides, it has to do with things, He has the political responsibility as head of government in Lower Saxony. Wulff knows, what it all on the "tally stick" has. Dieter commented Wonka, each have different stories about editorial Wulff. As Prime Minister can get together some. But back from the threatening phone call from Wulff. After the "PICTURE" (only) was reprinted with the credit agreement - and this was relatively early online -, apologized Wulff. Here there is also a scanning and a war of nerves.

Sun Wulff could have received this email the Axel Springer publishing house also threatened with complaint of defamation of the President. Even though the President had a federal criminal complaint Weight. Wulff seems to be there quickly with these offenses. In his own offense Wulff seems the thing to see much more generous and relaxed. If Wulff has done the, the Axel Springer publishing house with the Attorney General and the Attorney General, has indirectly threatened with search and seizure, this has the makings of a level of Spiegel affair 1962. It is to be feared and not to exclude, that under the influence of Christian Wulff Wulff Hagebölling Lothar is an extremely overwrought interpretation of the law came about the power of the Federal President.

It would have made it similar to the CDU scandal in Wolfsburg: It goes back to the country's police and take all the material with simple and it has in the box.

It is not to say, that here this is a certain kind of story is on his wife. A (Before)Woman can always have the fear of all sorts of things have, which may come to light. Bettina Wulff is an important symbolic capital for Christian Wulff. It is also politically important for him. It is of course independent of details, when a man tries to protect his wife and mother of his child. Only allowed a President can not here go beyond the limits of the law and unpack certainly own special rights of the Federal President. Wulff said, "make war" of nunmal. His own view was just rejected already by the "PICTURE". In any case, Wulff had to know, what "PICTURE" for material has. Politicians like Wulff (and their environment) are control freaks.

It is clear, Wulff is why the parliament as prime minister - and thus a part of his own people and the party - would have to lie to: Otherwise would be just the thing once more bent and capped with the upgrade - in association with connected and comfortable and sensitive matters such as breach of Ministers Act, Advantage-taking and investigations - again become the subject. And that always means the recognition and the beginning of the erosion of power and authority, erupted from unpredictable dynamics. Wulff needed the money. After the divorce of a long marriage, Galt ice, to commit to a new women and make it appear these things as non-consolidated. Wulff was already surrounded by the haze in Hanover, a certain fatigue Office. Otherwise would be a further rise, Federal policy in the future and a power perspective, also the position within the federal CDU - as in the case of another divorce or a separation from his wife - has been hampered by bad sign. Because of the bad rumors about the antecedents and the former manner of life of his second wife Bettina, This was all the more necessary, also to document the outward signs of a founding family ownership through acquisition and Settled. At least not the fleet was Bettina as a child of sadness. Instability, Fickleness and bad luck, so entirely without Fortune is not finally. After some turbulence, It was now of weight, an orderly private life and to appear to have predictable. With the move to Hanover Wulff could also Osnabrück and the past of the first, laborious steps and political history of his family to leave behind. At least it seemed so.

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