6. January 2012

Decline in Fantasialand?

A report from the side: freitag.de

Since Mr. Wulff himself in his interview on the "fantasies" about his wife, circulating on the Internet, is received, I'm surprised, that this issue of the media – As far as I can see – has not been included.

Talk über Internet Imagination legitimate

I assume , fact that this issue, that it was addressed by Mr. Wulff on his own in the interview, become a legitimate subject of media coverage.

Why not take the journalists to debate, opened by Mr. Wulff, does not reveal itself to me.

Why not go against Wulff Ulfkotte – Kopp Verlag and before TITANIC?

It must be remembered, that these “Fantasies” be disseminated not only by anonymous bloggers from the ultra-Catholic grubby corner of servers from abroad – while difficult to make something – but also on tangible, albeit dubious journalists (Ulfkotte) and media (Kopp-Verlag/TITANIC) with proper living- or. Headquartered in the FRG.

Sun have been the 19.12.2011 A report and a video of the Kopp-publishing on the Internet where the “Fantasies” it is reported, that one might think, there are facts.

Then made in the last days of the Titanic on its home page with a “Satire” on, relating to the “Fantasies” related, However, in a way, which in my estimation, the limits of expression, Press- artistic freedom and have exceeded, If the fantasies are fantasies actually.

When “stern.de” was the TITANIC-”Satire” been critical in an image taken shortly route, Wulff talked about the Internet satires on the Net, but later deleted.

Meanwhile, this “Satire” been moved from the lead story on the Titanic in the postcard section. Why here against Mr. Wulff, it seems, not happening – an injunction would be in such a case erwirkbar within a few hours – I do not understand.

This is called theStreisand Effectto justify, seems to me doubtful, because Ms. Streisand was not even around “Fantasies”, but the content correct report on their real estate existing.

It surprises me too, that Mr.Wulff criminal prosecution against a blogger, which an image is said to have spread, presumably on the Hitler salute Mrs. Wulff “anretuschiert”said to have been.

An advertisement against Mr. Ulfkotte, Mr. Kopp or persons in TITANIC-publishing has become known to me, however, is nothing.

PHOENIX deletes post by Gerd-Joachim von Fallois

Then I ask myself, why a capital contribution of the prestigious ARD correspondent Gerd-Joachim von Fallois atPHOENIX has been deleted, in which he reflected on the background of the call from Mr. Wulff Diekmann.

If this were not one in the press- and freedom of speech question to be discussed, the one dedicated journalist would have to make at least curious?

I know, I'll plug in for this blog post and some are accused of beating me, that I have this “Fantasies” just wanted to stir up further, but that I must live.

In fact, I think, that it really is “Fantasies” is, but may not be obtained, alive, that Mr. Wulff, there where it would be easy for him, to prevent them, remains idle.

Spanish newspaper “The Correoe” reported

Meanwhile, even the foreign press starts over “Fantasies” to report, so z.B. the Spanish capital, correspondent of El Correo, Enrique Müller, at the 04.01.12 on the websitewww.elcorreo.comunder the heading:

“The German president is alone”  (translated: “The President alone is” )

Is the command to stop, lest we be ridiculed abroad in the future similar, as the Italians with their Bunga-Bunga-Prime Minister!

 (Those: freitag.de)
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