9. January 2012

Wulff did not prevent the reporting!

Germany radio, shows once again how important it is, it is the GEZ. An interview by dradio.de!

Media lawyer assures maximum transparency of the Federal President

Gernot Lehr talks with Jurgen Liminski

Christian Wulff did not prevent the report on his private credit, but want to move only, says the media law of the Federal President, Gernot Lehr. Wulff's motive for calling the “Picture”-Newspaper is also the privacy of its lender, Edith Geerkens, been.

Jürgen Liminski: If you do stupid things, they need to succeed at least. Thus it was once home to the Emperor of the French, Napoleon, hear. He also has committed follies, not everything went. When President Wulff is some stupidity gone wrong. The insight is here. But with this openness in the media affair? – These and other questions, I welcome Gernot Lehr, the media law of the Federal President. Good morning, Mr. teaching.

Gernot Lehr: Good morning, Mr. Liminski.

Liminski: Mr. teaching, respect for the President to the press freedom is theoretically no doubt. In practice, it looks like, as he would have tried, the picture of him using the newspaper with the large letters represent fined, and when that did not work any more at risk of. Threat is compatible with respect for press freedom? After all, war and dropped the word break with Springer.

Lehr: Mr. Liminski, let me preface my one. It is the most important and central role of the media, Detect misconduct or maladministration and report on. And it is quite remarkable, that in the case of Mr. Wulff “Picture”, “Sunday newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine” and “Mirror” three key media work together and also play the balls, and this is perhaps well. This is a critical control, and Mr. Wulff raises.
When I read the mandate on 16. Took over in December, I have him immediately to ensure maximum transparency, advised to openness in all of the questions, that any reference to his offices, and then I open doors for him eingerannt. I had to convince him not, and since we are involved with, jedes Details, that has some form of official respect, to answer and produce the greatest possible openness. This is exhausting, which are now almost over now 500 Ask, and that's also quite fun, because it is usually very, done very professionally by the journalists and is very fair.

Liminski: The question again: Had the President evidence of untruthful reporting of “Picture”-Newspaper, which is why he makes the call? And if so, what evidence he had? After all, once the word war and break coincided with Springer.

Lehr: Christian Wulff was during this call, He regretted the, the highest concern, that coverage affect the privacy of Edith Geerkens and that he would be the “Picture” previously provided facts, Documents, Insight into the credit agreements, would not be considered sufficient. He was in the time abroad and he feared, that coverage would not do justice to its openness and respect for the privacy of women would be unnecessarily burdened Geerkens. And that's why he asked, urgently request, that he gets the chance, the matter once more to discuss with the editors.
He then said, we can get together then, can talk about everything – it also writes the “Mirror” -, and then we can decide, whether we need to wage war. This is something other than a threat, is here spoken of again and again, should go there, to prevent coverage. The President did not prevent this reporting and it is annoying, yesterday that the editor Blome, But even this assertion once again lined up Mr. Mascolo, although the “Picture”-Newspaper now in their protocol that is quite different.

Liminski: The “Picture” accuses the President of lying. We want to listen to the times in the original sound.

O-Ton Nikolaus Blome: “The set of Mr. President Wulff, I did not prevent the reporting, then we have clearly perceived differently. There was a call, had the clear objective of, to eliminate this reporting. And if you call it now as a threat, this is perhaps a matter of taste. But clearly, the aim of this call, the intent and motive, to prevent these early breaking report on the financing of his private house.”

Liminski: Mr. teaching, The Federal President has been trying to prevent or?

Lehr: No, He did not try to prevent. He has attempted to move. Do you know, sets one can always argue and make different interpretations. We do this every day Presserechtler, this is a question of interpretation. If Mr. Blome would say or Mr. Mascolo, that one may have out of context to mean, we have understood it, whether that is correct, We do not know, but for us was the unpleasant, I could live with. What bothers me here is elementary, Blome in the interview that Mr., He has immediately given after the interview on ZDF and ARD in with Mr. Wulff, namely the interview with you, has made the claim, has presented the facts, Christian Wulff was not in the interview about the voice mail message telling the truth. So it has not been!

Liminski: Then to a demand. If it's all about preventing, why are you on the other hand, The mail message to publish?

Lehr: The letter from the President to Mr. Diekmann from last Thursday is generally known. He has always pointed to the need for confidentiality of dual control of conversations and telephone calls. A break of such a one-on-call, a call is actually breaking a taboo. He has also emphasized, that the media and in particular to “Bild”-Newspaper over the publication of this transcript must decide on their own responsibility. He has not given them carte blanche for. You must decide yourself, whether they do this, and even in today's “Spiegel” some to refer to. That is, the publication is made. She is not in the “Bild” is, But it is in “SpiegelPicture occurs and the RMirroray newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine” has also reported details.

Liminski: The details are. Now, if the “Picture”-Newspapers publish the entire four minutes on the mailbox would, You would not mind?

Lehr: It's not about, if I have anything against, but it's about, whether the “Bild”-Newspaper says, to do so may. If she wants to do that, then they may do it, they must decide on their own responsibility. It is not right, that here a great dread of a publication, But it is a matter of “Bild”-Newspaper, to commit these taboos.Picture

Liminski: Them, that is, the President is accused of, only piecemeal so much to admit, is already on the market just as, So lack of transparency. Why not just put everything on the table, if you have nothing to hide?

Lehr: Mr. Liminski, We have all the, what we can bring to the table, placed on the table. When we have dozens of journalists to view the documentation for the loan taken Geerkens. Furthermore, journalists have taken look at some documents, this loan affect BW, if there is any relevance. We now have well over 500 Questions answered. We have given a summary of. The problem is – and this is typical in such disputes, in such alleged affairs -, that new questions are asked, which contain any Detaillierungsgrat, with which we have not counted, But now we can meet the, and that these questions will be answered immediately.
Maybe one time in the typology: When I am 16. December the mandate took over and there was a small request from the “Bild”-Newspaper on shared holidays with the president before Mr. Geerkens, I told, Mr. President, Here is a new barrel put up, It is important, that all holidays, you've made friends and where you, how to make friends that normally does not, have paid that is not, We reveal that the. Then we sat down, together, and have examined during the entire time the Prime Minister stays and have found, that it, I think, six holidays were at friends. This will now become a great success of the research “Bild”-Paper presented. This is an aggressive treatment of this subject have been by the President.Picture
It is quite clear, that of course we occasionally even in this time pressure, which here, in this really intense work, in the ongoing consultation, we need to do with Mr. Wulff, us that since we can even make a mistake. So far we are running well, fortunately, no major errors, But it can not be, then possible that such small errors and any piecemeal disclosure practices are derived.

Liminski: Mr. teaching, why do you and the President or one of them is not simply a press conference and are open to all sorts of questions from media colleagues are available?

Lehr: We have all sorts of questions from media colleagues are available. We treat this very, very important sensitive issues, to go over again in the privacy of a person, and I think it is not appropriate, that such complex issues, always in the border region to the private sector are – and since Mr. Wulff has opened borders very much -, that we answer this in a press conference. I think it's important, that we here in detail in writing, substance with high, reply with great care and do not press. Christian Wulff has gone into an interview journalists, where he has a very, very intense convincing impression made, and since it is then due to such a call by individual terms, which normally live in such a conversation are, again there are small errors trying to derive. Because somewhere the one big mistake apparently not detected, will be worked on and off with little things.
Let me give you another little example. Yesterday was the theme of the Jauch-shipment check, the reference to the account of Edith Geerkens at the Sparkasse Osnabrück was handed over to the notary. Since this was to check the German Federal Bank has developed some sort of secret. The secret is not it! That's all understandable, and if a question is asked us to, we are the answer, and gives us the shipment, the contributions in the broadcast yesterday occasion to, again to make it clear, that this was a check of the Deutsche Bundesbank, was based on the account of Mrs. Geerkens and was handed over to the notary and the notary from this the sum of the purchase price paid.

Liminski: Again, this credit, everything started with the. As one borrows money from friends at a favorable interest rate, before a parliamentary committee, he speaks only of a friend, then conceals his wife. Then rescheduled to a more favorable interest rate, the average citizen would not get one. Is not yet taking advantage of the game because of the Office?

Lehr: To the money market loans at BW-Bank is all said. We have the processes in our opinion the summary again explained in detail. Anyone can download this opinion. And it becomes very quickly apparent, that gain in the office or other violations of law were given at any point. Mr. Wulff has set itself at the suggestion of Mr. Geerkens with the BW-Bank in connection, Mr. Wulff has classified the bank because of its special credit conditions in the upscale residential segment – then expresses the Bank, we do not express ourselves – and offered him the money market credit. You need to know – and we have also written -, Mr. Wulff that the risk of rising interest rates alone contributed, and to avoid this interest rate risk – rising money market rates, so yes, the interest rates will rise for the long-term loans -, Mr. Wulff has then decided for a long-term repayment loans with fixed interest rate. This is all a normal process.
And perhaps I should say one more thing on this occasion: We have disclosed the information in detail in our opinion. It is now again the desire to approach us, that we also all documents, the more definitive answers, put into the grid.

Liminski: Mr. teaching, You are probably now often in conversation with the President. Says the President and the Chancellor regularly over this affair?

Lehr: Das weiß ich nicht, I do not think about it myself with Christian Wulff. The Chancellor has continued its support for the President, however, clearly expressed. But what conversations take place there, das weiß ich nicht.I do not know

Liminski: One more quick question. From the policy are now often claims, Accusations, go to the Offensive, Mr. Wulff is missing some dignity and credibility. So says the Green Party leader Claudia Roth. Have you or the President ever thought, against such insults and legally proceed?

Lehr: No. The battle belongs to the political opinion. Since the limits are very far. It is so decided by the case law, Perhaps this is also true and must be endured, If you have an office. You have sharp polemical, pointed criticism accept, and which is also the President, especially as our head of state should not use the resources of the Court, to enforce its position.

Liminski: “We strive for enlightenment and transparency.” It was Gernot Lehr, the media attorney of the Federal President. Thank you for the interview, Mr. teaching.

Lehr: Thank you very much! Goodbye.

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