7. January 2012

We are amazed, who reads us all!

With such a large response, we would have never expected. Over a million hits within 14 Meet. Daily collapse due to overload our server. Incredible amount of interest on this topic. You will have certainly already noticed this, that our site is often difficult to achieve, and that very often the message comes, that our server is busy and they need several attempts to visit our portal can be. According to our Web statistics are now even visited our pages on a variety of major media again and again and there are apparently among the visitors and users of politics and business.

Here we have evaluated the TOP30 visitors:

We will read, among others,: NDR (188 Visits) , ZDF (23 Visits) Spiegel.de (36 Visits), WAZ (57 Visits),Bayerischer Rundfunk (66 Visits), MDR.de (16 Visits), WDR (54 Visits + West German Radio in Cologne 96 Visits), N24 (26 Visits), Gruner and year (Stern 26 Visitor) and also by many state agencies, such as Bund.de (111 Visits), State capital Munich (51 Visits) bfinv.de (36 Visits),Manage-berlin.de (Management Berlin? 41 Visits),gw.niedersachsen.de (AuthVisitss of Lower Saxony)and other state Institutitionen.

Among the 71 Visitors from FW-and bonn.bund.de 40 Visitors from fw-berlin.bund.de visitors can, various state authorities, the federal government to use this firewall be e.g.. BKA, Constitutional protection, etc., but also the federal government, If this firewall is used there. Moreover visitedZPD NRW (State Office of Central Police Services NRW) We 40x.

With this website we give you the opportunity, without spending hours googling, to compare the different opinions about the rumors surrounding the First Lady scandal. We attach importance to this particular, reproduce both parties, So Web publishing pros and cons to these bizarre rumors, compared to see in our portal, so that they form their own opinion.

Unlike some bloggers, Commentators and some private media, For several weeks the, outright smear campaigns against the Wulff family run, We have great respect for the German Federal President and the First Lady.

We are still of the opinion, that it is a libel- and smear campaign is and exactly where we see the First Lady of Scandal. Incomprehensible to us, however, is still, Bettina and also why Christian Wulff finally not proceed against these slanders and fathom where these accusations have mainly come at all and who originally put these allegations into the grubby world. We find the behavior of Mr. Wulff regarding this scandal is not just confident and clever, therefore not particularly, because he in his public apology on ARD and ZDF, over 11 Million viewers, has poured more fuel on the flames of defamation, in which he himself by “Fantasies about his wife on the Internet” said. Who had until then unaware of the defamation of Bettina Wulff, has at least since this statement or should we say better since this notice, searched for them online.

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  1. Jürgen says:

    Ich freue mich, dass hier auch die andere Seite ausreichend zu Wort kommen kann, diejenige, die sich sorgsam und vorsichtig den verscheidenen Argumenten und Informationen zuwendet. Mag sein, dass dem Bundespräsidenten Fehler unterlaufen sind, diese will ich nicht beschönigen oder wegwischen. Aber die Kampagne, die daraus in Deutschland gemacht wird, ist unsäglich und gemein. Ich würde mir deshalb wünschen, dass der Präsident in einer Ansprache vor sein Volk tritt, sich den Menschen, über die er präsidiert erklärt, zu seinen Fehlern steht, die bei weitem nicht so schlimm sind, wie die unsägliche Schmiergeldaffäre des Finanzministers Schäuble, der zudem Milliarden an Steuergeldern verspielt, die unsere Kinder zurückzahlen müssen. Wenn der Präsident diesen Weg vor die Menschen geht und sich vollständig erklärt, sehe ich eine große Chance, dass das Meinungsbild über ihn bei den Menschen umschlägt und man ihm verzeiht. Wenn Deutschland wirklich eine humanistische und christliche Gesinnung hat, dann wird eine solche Ansprache sein Ansehen heben und ihn stärken, auch gegenüber der Regierung, die ihn offenbar fallen zu lassen scheint. And: er ist der Präsident der Menschen, nicht der Presse.

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