6. January 2012

The German president is alone

Spanish newspaper "El Correo" reports on the "First Lady of Scandal"

The ruling party is silent on the scandal of the head of state while the press Germanic binds to demand his resignation

The President of Germany, Christian Wulff, yesterday became the country's lone citizen, at the center of a furious media campaign demanding his resignation for trying to intimidate the newspaper ‘Picture’ not to publish an article on a controversial provision that was in real estate credit 2008, when he was prime minister of Lower Saxony. Never before in the history of postwar Germans had the press formed a common front as yesterday offered his readers to condemn, at least, Wulff unfortunate management.

The chief of the newspaper's director threatened, Kai Diekmann, and CEO of Springer, Matthias Döpfner, to break off all relations and start a war against the group if the newspaper published the information, something that made the 13 last December. But the attempt to trample press freedom as Germany was the straw that broke the patience of the media, who had already questioned the president's ability to end the scandal and had also suggested an aura of corruption came to light when his undisguised passion for holidays in the villas of his friends millionaires.
All national newspapers agreed on in their respective publishers and the ingenuity of Wulff stressed that a person acting in that way could no longer exercise the office of president. "A man who fills his mouth with praise for press freedom, but not respect, is a fake president ", liberal newspaper said ‘Sueddeutsche Zeitung ', while the conservative ‘BBC’ concluded that the attempt to silence Wulff ‘Picture’ had caused a "definitive break" the head of state with the media.
The loneliness of the president claimed an almost tragic dimension because of the silent sound that emanated from the headquarters of the CDU. No militant distinguished party left yesterday in defense of the president. Chancellor Angela Merkel and members of his government shunned the press and a couple of anonymous political Democrat parliamentary group dared to point out that the problem should be solved by the same Wulff.
Merkel's silence led to believe that Wulff may have their days numbered, although a waiver would only create new problems for Chancellor. Almost two years ago, Wulff got himself elected in a third round, whereas now the chief executive would have serious problems to impose its own candidate. The alliance government in Berlin has only four votes of majority in the People's Assembly, the guild, which meets every five years to elect the country's president.
Wulff's office, For its part, yesterday chose to ignore the media storm, preferring to share the president's official program for the coming days. But the apparent calm that emanates from the Bellevue Palace, President's official home, might result in a national scandal if confirmed a rumor that can poison the peaceful political life. For days, the political world wonders about the possibility that the newspaper ‘Picture’ Wulff had pressed the president with the publication of a story about the past of his current wife, la hermosa Bettina Wulff, of 38 years old.
The newspaper, apparently, discovered that the first lady would have worked as "chaperone" in two ‘sex club’, Artemis in Berlin and the Chateau Club Osnabrück, where he performed his work under the pseudonym of Victoria. This pseudo-secret chapter was discussed indirectly by Günther Jauch, a famous journalist when asked three weeks ago to an editor of ‘Image ', in his Sunday program of ARD, if the newspaper had "hidden in the drawer" shocking revelations about the "previous life" Wulff's wife.
The journalist, as expected, denied that version, but in Berlin growing rumor that the ‘Picture’ President threatened to reveal the past of his wife if he continued to maintain silence on the mortgage loan that he received three years ago.
(Those: elcorreo.com)
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