6. January 2012

Bettina Wulff can sponsor the luxury clothing

After the television interview of President Christian Wulff with ARD and ZDF on Wednesday, there are new allegations against the President and his wife Bettina. As the news magazine "Focus" on Friday reported previously, Wulff's wife has partly free German luxury-fashion clothes manufacturers have made available. Wulff's lawyer Gernot Lehr have confirmed this.

Teaching also confirmed, that the wife of the President more than once costly clothes got free German luxury fashion house provided. "Mrs. Wulff were from various German clothing from fashion houses in the commercial collections made available commercially."

The clothing was purchased or rented for a fee has been. "Some clothes were provided free of charge", Sun Wulff's lawyer “Focus”. In preparing the tax return if they had been taken into account. The manufacturer Basler and Rena Lange, Bettina Wulff, whose dresses often wears on official occasions, did not comment on the process.

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU)rejects “Focus” According to advances from many years of luxury fashion companies, equip them with free clothes for public events. Celebrities are coveted advertising for the company: Evaluate them, which would have cost the spread of their name in the same range as the display.

In the case of Bettina Wulff it were several 100.000 Euro. Even the President had said in the past to his wife's clothes: "This label was already wearing them at the wedding of Prince Albert and Princess of Monaco Charlene", Wulff said his wife, an ensemble of reporters.

(Those: welt.de)

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