6. January 2012

The Lost Honor of Bettina Wulff

A report from the Focus page-online.de

They are Germany's flagship pair in the political arena. Despite all the accusations President Christian Wulff seems unmoved. But how long will his wife Bettina the pressure was still?

They were Germany's flagship couple in political circles in Berlin and on the wider international stage. The only, provided under the Federal Republic after Guttenberg's escape to the United States still had to be. Whether the Federal Press Ball or one of the many charity events - always showed President Wulff and his 15 Years younger wife Bettina radiant, in love, happy. The lovely First Lady, has ensured, that used to be stuffy and boring-looking Christian Wulff thawed. At her side was the increasingly brittle Osnarbrücker loose, gelöst.Diese ease the First Couple has lost. The headlines of the last few weeks, leaving their mark. "The situation is not only for the Federal President, but also highly embarrassing for Bettina Wulff and a massive mental strain ", says the media psychologist Jo Groebel.

The debate drags it down

Sleepless nights inside the Palace Bellevue not only for Christian Wulff, but also for the First Lady. "She is under tremendous pressure. Because pearls to Bettina Wulff these allegations were not slightly. I think its Teflon factor not as strong as the other women known politician ", Meint Jo Groebel. Bettina Wulff go fundamentally different to the crisis with her husband than about one Stephanie Guttenberg. "The two women have a different background. The needle sticks together, stands above it all. The Civil Bettina Wulff makes this debate a lot harder. "

Looks like the the psychologist Felicitas Heyne. "For Bettina Wulff, this crisis even worse than her husband. You will be taken into custody and can not defend themselves. "For the public could take during the President on the allegations, his wife standing next to powerless. In addition: "For years, she has done everything for her husband's career. As First Lady she was the destination of their dreams. But instead of reaping the fruits now, breaks the debate down to her husband with her. "

Touchstone for the relationship

Is marriage by the Wulff's continuing discussions in jeopardy? "Sure this is a real test for the relationship", sagt Jo Groebel. But: "A good partnership has to endure." For the Federal President and his wife because he sees a good chance: "I assume the two, that they have married for love, because it brings together in difficult times, but only close. "

One end of the difficult times is not in sight. Every day new allegations follow. Currently the President has for his threatening phone call with "image" responsible. In spite of everything, Jo Groebel bleibt optimistic: "I'm sure, Bettina Wulff that remained loyal to her husband is. "Christian Wulff is in need of support.
(Those: focus.de)

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