22. Dezember 2011

Nun bringt auch wikileaks die Meldung

Did President wife Bettina Wulff work as prostitute?

Wulff politician stumbles over escort service and prostitution?
Mrs. Wulff gets targeted by rumors. Dreadful enough what you hear from a signing bonus that is visible anywhere. A President, who has triumphed against Mr. Gauck in the third round, and given Islam the Germans. Or we say: »allocated«. Now it’s almost over. The scandal of this »personal loan« of 500,000 € (we do not dare to call it “bribery”) of the Federal President Christian Wulff threatens to expand the bedroom in Bellevue Castle on the blogs in Germany. Unspeakable! After the chief columnist Franz Josef Wagner from the IMAGE Mr. Wulff had prompted an ultimatum: »Get your pants down« .. or else, otherwise the picture would tell very different stories.»In Berlin political will has long been whispered that the« image »could soon come up with a story from the past life of Bettina Wulff. The editor is said to have information that the date« on instructions from above “can not be printed .Leading German bloggers have to past life of Bettina Wulff point to a movie-plot, where it is about an escort service, prostitution and love. A subject about which one speaks in Berlin for almost a year, and in the context of insiders repeatedly called the name »Artemis« and »Chateau«.If these rumors about Bettina Wulff (Tattoo Betty) hold true, the resignation of President Wulff is already in sight.Pretty Woman as First Lady? That would not please Mrs. Merkel. A pastor’s daughter does not want that. The tattoo can still hide it, but what then would have to light?Is it a lie? We do not know. Wulff is not the first politician who would stumble upon a dreary story that is conjured out of his sleeve. If only it was based on a character assassination story, it would be cruel and quite common.Semper aliquid heretics.First we bury the FDP and then the friend of Islam?We will keep you sehen.Gehen some games in the Chateau Club. There are certainly chic ladies …

Miss grains never worked as a lifeguard indie concubine of the German Federal President, the Pope will extend their hand was unchaste, especially through their tattoo bekannt.Bundespräsident Christian Wulff and his concubine Bettina.
© Franz Richter, Wikipedia, CC (kreuz,net) On 22 September, Pope Benedict XVI. arrive at 10.30 clock at the airport Berlin-Tegel.

The official welcome at 11.15 clock made by the German Federal President Christian Wulff (52).

Wulff is part of the gay and abortion party CDU.

He calls himself a Catholic.

Chaotic conditions

Wulff has been married since 1988 with his wife Christiane.

The two got to know in 1983 when they both studied law in Osnabrueck.

The couple was born in 1993, the daughter of Anna Lena.

In June 2006, Wulff announced that he would betray the family with his wife and daughter.

In March 2008, before the state of adultery coupled with a certain Miss Bettina Körner (37).

A month later, the girl gave birth to him the illegitimate son of Linus Florian, who was baptized Protestant.

The decadent Protestants legitimate Wulff’s dissolute life and betrayal of wife and child, she staged for him by a Protestant ceremony.

The young lady brought to the 2003-born illegitimate son by another man, Leander Balthasar in the matchmaking.

Last May, pushing the Berlin homo-and regime-Jesuit, Father Klaus Mertes, the blame for fraud Wulff’s family and personal dissolute life of the Pope in his shoes.

A castle-Miss

The konkubinierenden Miss succeeded in the past, had a tattoo on his right shoulder blade to draw the attention of the German media focused on the bosses.

What to tell the hands rubbing Socialists in Lower Saxony on this tattoo is an open secret in Berlin.

Wulff adulterer comes from Lower Saxony.

According to the co-president of the German concubinage was even before the tattoo-media campaign is not the only scholar in this skin marker.

For his concubine, which is their unchaste hand to the Pope, should be engaged in professional activities in Florida, where the tattoo was possibly a wider audience to face.

Miss grains never worked as a pool attendant.

Become known is the tattoo, as they made their living as a barmaid in a “château” at Swan deserved.

This should be located near the city of Wolfsburg.

In him also manager of the car manufacturer ‘Volkswagen AG’ would operate.

Wulff is in family therapy

According to the comrades Wulff has the phone numbers of the chief editors of the Berlin newspapers regime.

To keep them happy, they like to imagine it for home stories and background briefings available.

The »Welt am Sonntag« of last Sunday published a two page article on Wulff and his origins.

He, as so often told that his mother fell ill from multiple sclerosis have cared, but this is not quite match the facts.

Wulff himself is from totally dysfunctional families.

His parents separated when Wulff was two years old. His father fell a little honorable lady.

Wulff’s mother then lived in adultery. When he was sixteen years old, also left the Unzuchtspartner his mother’s family.

The sister of the President, Bettina Mertschaft-Wulff (49), lives – according to the German magazine ‘Bunte’ – of Hartz IV in Lower Saxony.

Their external characteristics are eyebrow piercing and Indian mane.

Her brother, she has also dissipated, according to the ‘Bunte’ the last time thirteen years ago saw the grave of their common Father.

“You see, despite the blindfold lady the characteristic facial features of Bettina Wulff” the concubine named former Lady Viktoria About ‘archive,org’ nor an old website of the brothel Chateau Club is within reach – with pictures of the local “ladies” (kreuz.net) What ‘kreuz,net’ published in July, according to confirmed information from the website ‘marialourdesblog.wordpress.com’ more and more.

Bettina Koerner – the concubine of the German Federal President Christian Wulff-discredited – is said to have worked in 2006 at the Chateau Club in Osnabrueck.

The Chateau Club is a brothel.

A prostitute working there at that time named  »Viktoria« is identified according to the blog with Miss grains.

Victoria with k

The website ‘marialourdesblog.wordpress.com’ refers to the Internet Archive ‘archive.org’.

There you can keep track of the Web address of the brothel ‘www.chateau-club.de’.

The oldest is about ‘archive.org’ tangible version of the brothel’s website on 22 May, 2006.

Anyone who clicks on it, lands on the opening page. There is a menu bar on the left.

There is enough there to »The Ladies« to click: you will find names and pictures of eight prostitutes.

One of them is »Viktoria« – with k.

Despite blindfold

The blog ‘marialourdesblog,wordpress,com’ believes observed: »You see, despite the blindfold lady the characteristic facial features of Bettina Wulff.«

5 picture of  »Viktoria«
And: »Unfortunately, the Internet, with the right tools, a merciless Archive for previous sins.«

Archived on the brothel’s website on 15 June 2006, we read the following:

»For many years the Chateau 71 is the leading resource for erotic pleasure superior level was in the Osnabrück area.«

But: “Times change and the better is the enemy of good, so was the Chateau of Chateau Club 71 now.”

Even promotions

The brothel knows to praise themselves:

»Soon we will welcome you in our newly renovated and lovingly refurbished premises during the day!

Get to know our lovely ladies a drink at the bar completely redesigned.

Without obligation to look around us, our women spend just as you wish an unforgettable time with you.

All our ladies are anxious to make your stay with us an ecstatic celebration of the senses.

From 20.00 clock will give the club the other guests a journey into the world of eroticism, which puts everything else in the shadow of what they have experienced so far.

Each of our parties is under a certain motto:

Friday – House Party
Saturday – Topless Party
Sunday – Straps party
To all our parties our ladies show their exciting live shows

What can you expect as a guest in our house?

Of course, their imagination and our ladies are no limits, anything is possible!

To name just a few of the ways in which you can experience in our house:

French (and total), Girlfriend Sex, Greek, facials, cum on body, Russian, – Bi – Games, Spanish, massages of all kinds, English, 69, Swedish, tenderness, NS, kisses, foot fetish, menage a trois

Since not all the ladies offer the same service, you just ask our friendly service which provides the required service of the ladies present.

All of our lovely ladies are sympathetic and always ready to respond to unusual requests and not listed here, do not hesitate to point the lady of your choice on your needs.

Ask about our special promotions!«

“Firstlady-Skandal” möchte  hier zum wiederholten Male zum Ausdruck bringen, dass sich unsere Meinung meist nicht mit den hier wiedergegebenen Beiträgen deckt. Wir möchten die Beiträge zum Thema “First-Lady Skandal” lediglich in einer losen Sammlung, unsererseits völlig wertfrei, hier wieder geben. Dass es für dieses Thema genügend Interesse gibt, beiweisen inzwischen über eine Million Leser unserer Seiten.

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